Wednesday, July 17, 2013

As soon as I heard about the allegations of sexual conduct against Father Joseph I decided to form a group of friends that would support him. We began to pray for him and his accuser and her family.  We prayed for everyone involved in his case.  And we held holy hours to pray for him, and offered novenas and spiritual bouquets.  Now with more allegations flying around and Archbishop Carlson being named in a suit, we decided to form this blog to stand firm as laity supporting our Church leaders.
Lucy Hannegan


  1. Here is the reply from the Archdiocese to the new charges :"We have now seen a copy of the lawsuit. These new allegations against the Archdiocese of St. Louis and Archbishop Carlson are false and will be denied in an answer to the lawsuit filed in court."

    1. I don't buy the accusation against Father Joseph. It does not add up. I does not make sense.

      If you talk to father in person, you begin to see that this whole thing is a farce.

      God bless you for standing with Father Joseph! Let's all fight for him! Let's all pray for him and show him our support!