Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Official Court Dismissal of the Charges Against Fr. Joseph

Docket Entry Re Fr Joseph

SNAP's Libelous Press Release

"Finally, we urge Archbishop Robert Carlson to insist that Fr. Jiang turn over his passport to him while the civil case proceeds, so that Fr. Jiang doesn’t flee overseas, as dozens of child molesting clerics have done. We are very fearful that Fr. Jiang will hop on the next plane home to China or elsewhere and continue molesting girls for years to come."http://www.snapnetwork.org/mo_criminal_charges_v_priest_tossed_out_but_civil_case_v_him_proceeds

Monday, November 25, 2013

Accusers need to do the right thing!

We had a busy day last Friday with the dismissal of the criminal charges against Father Joseph. Of course the dismissal did not come as complete surprise since no real case against Father ever existed. The judge and prosecutor also came to see that the case had to be dumped. The judge pointed out that Father had never been alone with the girl, a common sense reason all could easily understand. We expect the civil litigation against Father to meet the same fate.

On Friday afternoon, we sent an e-mail out to all Friends of Fr. Joseph inviting all to celebrate at our house. I don't know how many showed up, but our place was packed and Father Joseph attended as well. He thanked all who had stood by him and prayed for him. He spoke of the Dark Night of the Soul and the sufferings so his beloved St. Therese. He told us that his own sufferings would in the end make him a more devoted and stronger priest.

Of course, all this will never be over until those who have falsely accused Father publicly clear his name. To not publicly speak the truth about Father would be a grave sin on their part. We pray that the accusers, whoever they are, and those who know the truth, have the courage to finally do the right thing.

Lucy and Bill Hannegan