Friday, October 11, 2013

David Clohessy Continues to Be Wrong

David Clohessy continues to be wrong on the situation of Fr. Joseph and Archbishop Carlson. From his Post op-ed today:

"In St. Louis, Archbishop Robert Carlson dodged a bullet when the criminal trial of Father Joseph Jiang, who faces charges of molesting a girl last summer, was postponed. Carlson was deposed by prosecutors about the case, and a civil abuse and cover-up case against Fr. Jiang charges Carlson with evidence tampering. (The archbishop reportedly asked the alleged victim’s parents to give him a $20,000 check that the accused priest left with the family after he supposedly admitted molesting the girl.)"

Archbishop Carlson didn't dodge a bullet. Rather he lost a chance for the truth to come out in court. The day both Archbishop Carlson and Fr. Joseph are exonerated will eventually arrive!